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The Other Plan B

Playboy — On the need to shift the abortion rights debate from “My body, my choice!” to one that recognizes men as equal beneficiaries.


Our Country, Which Art in Panic

Playboy — On sexual politics, Title IX, and the perfect storm of moral panic on the right and purity politics on the left.


Pornography's Dirty Little Secret

Religion Dispatches — Utah officially declared that pornography is a public health hazard, approving a resolution that contradicts much of the current scientific research. Regardless of one’s political or moral concerns about pornography, public policy ought to rely on the most reputable evidence possible. What’s more, Utah’s declaration fails to address the high rates of porn use among the conservative and religious, despite the state being something of a poster child for the phenomenon.


Slut-Shaming Hurts Every Woman - Even Mean Girls

In These Times — Slut-shaming, in which people are bullied or harassed for their supposed sexual behavior, is a pervasive part of young adult culture—and some get slammed harder by it than others. But despite its moniker, slut-shaming has little to do with actual sexual activity. Rather, it is largely a function of gossip, cliques and social control.

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